Tuition Intention

Tuition Intention

The establishment aims of the department are to take the “Study” and “Save” of ancient architectural culture in Taiwan, especially the “skill inheriting” of traditional architecture decoration art, “culture data saving” and “Academic Study” of ancient architecture art” and other projects as main spindle, so as to achieve southern folk art data recording and study. Therefore, for the skill inheriting part, all teaching and practices implementation rely on demonstrative teaching and guiding of professional teachers to establish features of taking practical capability learning as the professional recognition of the department. The aims are consistent with National Taiwan University of Art, and Fine Art College of National Taiwan University of Art. Mutual relations are demonstrated as the following:


【National Taiwan University of Art, Fine Art College and Department of Architecture Art Conservation Established Aims and Teaching Objectives】

National Taiwan University of Art

A. Cultural conservation with art appreciation
B. Self-understanding and communication skills
C. Civic literacy and international perspective
D. Life care and community identity
E. Speculative analysis and problem solving
F. Ecology and use of technology

Fine Art College

A. Cultivate art knowledge, enrich the connotation of emotions
B. Participate in art history study, and implant appreciation and development
C. Tutor creative expression, and explore self-development style
D. Nourish local heritage and absorb the influx of world
E. Diversify the areas of mutual resources, and expand artistic context

Department of Architecture Art Conservation- Daytime Bachelor Class

A. Recognition of Ancient Architecture Art
B. Basic Ideas and Concepts
C. Data Establishment of Ancient Architecture System
D. Training and Development of Traditional Skills
E. Artistic Decoration Artwork Production of Ancient Architecture

Department of Architecture Art Conservation- Daytime Master Class

A. Study and seminar on characteristics of Taiwan culture
B. Special academic study on the characteristics of architectural craft in Taiwan area
C. Keeping and making architectural craft
D. Cultivating academic talents for studying art of historic architecture