Core Capabilitles

Core Capabilitles

Bachelor Class

A. Recognition of Ancient Architecture Art
B. Basic Ideas and Concepts
C. Data Establishment of Ancient Architecture System
D. Training and Development of Traditional Skills
E. Artistic Decoration Artwork Production of Ancient Architecture

Master Class

1.Study and seminar on characteristics of Taiwan culture
2.Special academic study on the characteristics of architectural craft in Taiwan area
3.Keeping and making architectural craft
4.Cultivating academic talents for studying art of historic architecture


A.Recognition of Ancient Architecture Art:


The attachment position of architectural decoration is on the architecture material of ancient architecture frame. Due to location and light consideration, decoration design made for architecture will be different. Even composition changes produced by different types of architectures will also vary depending on the conditions changes. Therefore, it is necessary to instruct the basic ancient architecture decoration course “Recognition of Ancient Architecture Ancient Architecture Theory”.


B.Basic Ideas and Concepts:


“Features” produced by decoration is a part of cultural expression, thus the changes taking different materials as production basis on architecture is necessary to have experience principles of long-term process. How to merge the theories of material using, skill application, correct design and culture performance into skills is the basic concept of courses of the department.


C.Data Establishment of Ancient Architecture System:


Different kinds of works objects left on the early architectures are the results of long time cumulative experiences of the craftsmen. Therefore, how to use a set of complete and sound methods collect these precious materials and how to analyze and classify the regional and schools of data are the necessary and importance to establish ancient architecture data.


D.Training and Development of Traditional Skills:


Different cultures may have different features on artistic expression. These differences produced by comparison must be developed with certain skills. Only this way can it appear correct training results. Therefore, correct learning development of Chinese traditional carving techniques is an important and basic recognition.


E.Artistic Decoration Artwork Production of Ancient Architecture:


For decorative artwork production of ancient architecture material supplier of, it has certain decoration method and styles under long-term experience in production of craftsmen because of the position habit and decorative distinction. So how to make correct structure on the composition material and make adjustments and arrangement according to the changes structure material will show the charm of traditional process changes. Therefore, under the restriction of various composition conditions, the understanding of appeared drawing principles and regulations will display the importance of culture in style changes, so correct learning of artistic decoration artwork production is an indeed detail that cannot be ignored.