Tuition Feature

Tuition Feature

1. Campus

At the beginning, the campus setting of the department was restricted by the teaching space assignment in the school. The original school outside of the campus was set as the campus offices, and abandoned No.3 girl student’s dormitory was rebuilt on ROC 72. Teaching building can only take beatification as principle on the basis of current condition. The design is adopted rebuilding of garden mode. Overall appearance takes traditional Chinese garden as direction for treatment. The roof is erected Tang-style gray iron zinc-galvanized sheet. It takes high-rising and high-lowering of garden as principle to transform basement in atrium with internal changes, and cause limited teaching campus with plane changing. The atrium location choosing takes a screen wall facing to the gate as the reflection of atrium. Plants are planted in front of the wall and imitation garden rocks are lined at the corner of the wall. The aisle of the courtyard is paved with traditional tiling. The backdoor uses South China traditional building techniques to establish the gatehouse of the Department.

Pushing the gate and entering into the gate, it is colored painting classroom and teacher’s lounge on the left, which were modified and started in ROC 96. Cyprinoid pool is added under the bridge trail of classroom to add an additional landscape for the campus changes. Furthermore, umbrella stand is set at the century-old banyan tree to provide a recreation area for the students in the campus, so as to maintain the characteristics of open space and elegant buildings sufficiently.

With more than ten years of growth, the department requires increasing professional space. The current condition is to use limited space alternative, which has had impact on leaning quality. Coupled with new courses and expanding of study institute, the school considers it is isolated if setting classrooms outside. For convenient and nearest management, the school takes over from the National Property Bureau to transfer the old office building of original teacher training office to the department for management and use.

The department was involved in modification and design in the summer vacation of ROC 97. In addition to make No.2 Department Museum consistent with No.1 Department Museum, it will also support the students with more professional learning space and use the space with maximum convenience.

2. Courses

On curriculum design, it is divided into two systems, ie “theory training” and “traditional skill”. Theoretical training aims to achieve a complete theoretical study basis of traditional skills. It includes historical cognition, traditional performance skills, three-dimensional development concept, and basic sketch for calligraphy and colored painting.

Traditional concept development takes Chinese arts history of history system as outline to expand correct skill training and run through skills and different material implementation, together with the application of euphony, auspicious language, typical symptoms and composition. It also explore in sculpture, Jiao-zhi Pottery and Chien-Nien and other traditional sculpture techniques, with the use of traditional painting composition. It the only course with special study plan project in Taiwan. It is also a course which is dedicated in Taiwan culture conservation technology research, and the only course with complete academic guiding, teaching and training.

3. Facilities

To accomplish the task of traditional teaching skills training, in addition to woodworking cutting factory, basic facilities also have Jiao-zhi Pottery kiln factories, professional colored painting classroom, professional Chien-Nien classroom, as well as dedicated carvings classrooms for all grades. Subject teaching direction related audiovisual teaching equipments are established basically within each relevant using space. Three audio-visual teaching classrooms for special teaching research and professional mapping and professional data editing classrooms are all equipped with video-assisted basic audio-visual teaching equipments. Professional basic teaching technical subjects are exclusive spaces, such as clay, wood carving, Jiao-zhi Pottery and Chien-Nien and other professional classroom. This year, it adds stained colored painting treatment skill learning for students, and adds multiple kinds of professional and basic operation equipments. Professional teaching classrooms set for the department are the only teaching facilities with ancient architecture and professional teaching consideration in Taiwan.

4. Teaching

At the beginning of promoting the department, due to undertake Taiwan Artist Communication System, besides precious experience from professors developed during the process, all professional teaching courses have artists and inherited important craftsmen in Taiwan to participate in teaching. It the largest lineup to implement Taiwan traditional crafts and folk skill practices in Taiwan traditional art teaching system.


For nurturing of ancient architecture art research talent, in addition to have an immediate effect, especially in the traditional folk culture of “art heritage”, “historical allusions”, “artwork change”, “manuscript collection”, “data establishment” and other projects, it makes systematic preservation and make preparations for important fieldwork cultural characteristics in Taiwan, establish Taiwan cultural assets and complete process database.