Under the fast modernization of the economic system in Taiwan, applied resources in the limited land makes the old traditional buildings lose their previous special status in the traditional life during the modernized process. Under the impact of urban expansion, the traditional buildings disappear one after another. The recorded fact that tradition was applied into folk art is also leaving us, failing to be a part of life.


Opposite to the development of classical art, the different nature of folk art which combine art into daily life make it reserved in traditional building. In fact, it appears on the folk customs. The art of auspicious phrase, allusion, education of filial piety and loyalty indicate its essence.


Therefore, the direction of this department lies on reserving the Chinese traditional significance in the changing era for Taiwan, organizing documents in the new set system and cultivating the specialists in the area. Key points are as followed:


1. Proper Inheritance of Traditional Craft

It is hard to find a thorough description of the development of Chinese traditional sculpture skill in ancient documents. However, we can spot the variety use of different materials in the history of craft development. Characteristics of expansion on scope and continuity can be traced to the surface decoration method applied from the reliable history of Shang and Zhou Dynasty.


In the moderation development lasts almost one century in Taiwan, art is inclined to the western culture. The traditional Chinese skill of proper flat structure with multiple visual points has been replaced in the artwork. Hence, the most important thing at the moment is to build a proper method of instruction of the inheritance of traditional craft after design. It will not only keep the characteristic of eastern artistry but also flesh its skill vocabulary, which will build a deep foundation. We look forward to having a proper explanation and reservation of characteristic in Chinese craft during the lecture of appreciation and comment.


2. Discover, Arrange And Establish the Pithy Formula

In the teaching process of Chinese traditional artistry, besides practicing, it depends greatly on the master’s pithy formula to deepen the memory and be familiar with the skill, so the differences and characteristics in different cliques can be spotted. Generally speaking, it’s the memory formula passed privately by the master with his experiences and comprehensive theory. Finding a way to use these experiences of Taiwanese traditional culture inheritance, with the help of proper ancient books for documentation, eventually to highlight the characteristics in traditional eastern sculpture, develop a more complete structure of explanation of accomplishment is one of the most important issues when face the abundant Taiwanese culture and create the inheritance of artistry. With the establishment of the document, not only the characteristic of Taiwan can be explained correctly, but also the only cultural nature at the moment can be traced.


3. The Origin and Explanation of the Creation Of Ancient Auspicious Phrase

Chinese long-term cultural characteristics in the expression of auspicious phrase, the creative imagination of homonym and painting the origin of allusion explain abundant space for folk creation. In civil thoughts, “take auspiciousness and absorb favorableness” makes use of plenty of different expression of good words to keep the family safe and sheltered, also to avoid misfortune. “Live in peace and enjoy one’s work” is composed with nine quails, chrysanthemum and fallen leafs as the homonymic structure, which is originally from Tales of filial piety and brotherliness in Tang Dynasty. In addition, the lucky pattern of “officials on the top of another” is structured with rooster and cockscomb. Related subject in the sculpture is taken its meaning or pronunciation, such as old and young lions, which is originally from the head of public solitary. Folk pattern, on the other hand, use metaphor to indicate the huge power possessed by the official and merchant, such as “promote for three ranks”, ” auspiciousness all the time” and “left with auspiciousness and celebration”. It is essential to explain properly how the folk art attaches itself on buildings and to record it with document. Therefore, put the documents of field investigation into order is a fundamental link.


4. Proper Inheritance of Traditional Sketch

Traditional architecture decorated sketches and traditional Chinese painting are similar in certain degree of method, they even have some parts are exactly the same with each other. The method and the process of transforming traditional painting into decoration of architecture or sculpture sketch has already been a special research project. Now, the process of the long- term experience of transformation also becomes rules and patterns. The coordination of materials and structure of the architecture, equal distribution on the sketch, the mix and match evolvement in the context and so on naturally become the basis on the transformation from the painting into sketch. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize for the reason that there is surely difference between Chinese painting and traditional sketch of painting or sculpture. It is definitely questionable to state that painting is hand made sketch. Even in these days when tradition is valued less and less, it is irreplaceable by the western standard or modern sculpture department. Thus, the proper production and enhancement of painting is an important part in teaching.


5. Record and Organize Field Documents

Under the development for almost two hundred years, the result of Taiwanese folk art is abundant. We hope to record thoroughly of the original look of artistry and difference of each clique before disappearing or restoration of the historical monument. The valuable field documents can be categorized reserved and researched under the establishment of this department. No matter it is stone craving, woodcarving, Jiao –Zhi pottery, cut clay or colored drawing, there is dissimilar key points to be carried on in different cliques. Therefore, discover the different making process of different materials is the ground rule for restoration related to historic monuments. To organize the task is a crucial direction of the development in the department.


6. Chinese and English Degree Title Awarded by the Department When Graduate

Awarded title:Bachelor of Arts